Enjoy Jersey in a classic car


What will I need to bring?

On day of collection you will need to bring with you:
  • Full driving licence – we will need to check for any points accumulated
  • Photographic ID if no photo on licence
  • Proof of address x2 – we need two recent (within 3 months of the hire) utility bills or bank statements
  • A major credit / debit card with at least a £1500 limit. This is for the £1500 security deposit for the insurance excess. We will not take the money from your card but your details will be held for 14 days after the last day of your hire and then securely disposed of .

What comes with the cars?

  • All our cars are supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be returned the same. We charge an additional £15 administration fee to refill the tank if not returned full, or as taken out.

    We also supply all our cars with a welcome pack including:
  • Jersey Tourism’s Guide to Jersey (to be returned with pack)
  • A Jersey map (to be returned with pack)

What are the finer details of the insurance?

Does the price include insurance?

There is an additional charge for insurance which covers you in the event of an accident and there is a mandatory security deposit of £1500 which is contracted to be paid prior to the commencement of the hire. We only record your card details in this respect however and would only take funds in the event of a claim.

What type of insurance cover is provided with the cars?

Each hire includes fully comprehensive insurance for named drivers (maximum 2). Each driver must be over the age of 25 and not over 80 years of age. The insurance excess stands at £1500 however we can offer a collision damage waiver option for £20 which can drop the excess liability to £500. Driven safely and with the respect these classic cars require, this should never be a problem.

Do I need to pay a security deposit on the collection day?

Yes. This is to cover any damage caused to the cars or its contents whilst in your hands. This deposit is payable by credit card however we only record your card details and would only take funds in the event of a claim.

What if I want to cancel?

If you wish to cancel or move your classic hire booking our policy is as follows:

Cancellation 2 weeks before the first day of hire
No refund. We are unable to move your booking at this late stage so any money paid will be lost.

Cancellation 2 weeks - 6 weeks before hire
Full loss of deposit. Moving your booking at this stage will incur a £50 charge.

Cancellation 6 or more weeks before the first day of hire
100% refund less an administration charge of £20. Moving your booking at this stage is free.

At the discretion of Jersey Classic Hire, some flexibility in the above cancellation policy may be possible.

What about parking in Jersey?

Yellow lines: A single yellow line parallel to the curb or roadside prohibits parking day and night.

Parking (scratch) cards: Parking on St. Helier streets and in most public car parks is paid for with parking cards, which can be bought at the Sand Street car park or from any shop or garage that displays the parking card symbol. The amount of time you get for a one unit pay card is always written on a sign near where you are parking.

Parking discs: On some roads on the outskirts of St. Helier, parking is free but controlled by a time limit so parking discs should be displayed, available from the St. Helier Town Hall or the St Brelade and St Saviour parish halls.

If a parking area has no official signs listing rules or regulations, then it is free to park. Nearly all beaches and countryside areas in Jersey have free parking.

What will the hand-over entail?

Paperwork - we will take photocopies of all your ID information and card details. You will then be asked to fill out a form with some personal information and your signature.

Walking round the car – we will walk you around the outside of the car and point out any marks or dents that we are aware of and show you the fuel cap, boot and engine bay where applicable. It is at this stage you should point out any marks we may have missed, this is important to protect your £1500 deposit.  Inside the cars – we will run through the correct operation of the convertible roof, where applicable, the boot and the bonnet.

Operation - we will then give you a demonstration of how to drive the vehicle, the level of detail to this depends on how confident you appear. We will normally point out what all dials, switches and levers do and quickly run through the gear positioning while at a standstill. We will also point out any extras you have paid for. If you need to ask any questions at any point please do so, we prefer silly questions to silly mistakes!! Please allow half an hour for the hand-over process.

How do I pay?

The easiest method to pay for your car hire is credit card or debit card by telephone, or via a bank account transfer. We will also take cheques and of course cash is fine too (although not by post please). If you are lucky enough to have received one of our Jersey Classic Hire gift vouchers, these may also be redeemed to pay all or part of your hire.

You need to pay a deposit of £100 to secure your booking, and the balance will be payable 14 days before the first day of your holiday. Unfortunately, if your balance remains unpaid after this time and there has been no communication from you, we will assume you no longer want your booking and it could be used for another customer. Your deposit would be non-refundable in this instance.

What happens if the car breaks down?

The insurance includes 24 hour, on-Island recovery. Details will be provided when hiring.

Can more than one of our party drive the cars?

Yes. Our insurer allows for two named drivers. They must be over 25 years old and under 80 years of age. We will need to see their driving licence and passport.

What are the collection and return arrangements?

Vehicle collection is normally at 12.00 pm, however we can be flexible if the car is not booked out the day before, or if an alternative collection times is made by prior arrangement at the time of booking.

Return time is at 10am and please be here on time as we may need to clean the cars for the next hire out at midday. If you think you are going to be late, please call us. If the vehicle is not immediately booked out upon its return, we can offer an element of flexibility with return times, which can be pre-arranged before the hire commences.

We aim to provide a full tank of ethanol-free unleaded fuel at the start of your hire period. We ask that the car is returned with the same level of fuel. If a tank is emptier than when it went out, we reserve the right to charge the replacement fuel cost against your excess deposit credit or debit card details, plus an additional £15.00 administration fee.

If you arrive at the Airport or Harbour, there are nearly always taxis waiting there so you can get to us fairly easily. There is also a great bus service:

From the Harbour you can walk to Liberation Station and take bus route 4. Leave the bus at Trinity Church, walk left down La Rue de Monnaie (B51) and we are on the left-hand side of the road in an industrial estate called Springside.

If you wish to catch a bus use this link: http://www.libertybus.je/  for timetables etc.

If you get lost at all call us, (01534 864073) we are happy to give directions.

We can collect you from the Harbour or Airport but we will have to charge a fee.

Is there somewhere to leave my car?

There is a public car park on the industrial estate where we are based, but we accept no liability for any loss or damage that may occur to your vehicle while parked there.

Are the cars reliable?

At all times we ask you to consider the age of these lovely old cars – some are over 80 years old! Occasionally they play up – if for ANY reason your car fails to start, PLEASE be PATIENT. We will run through the entire starting procedure with you but in the event of total failure, we have a breakdown service – details given at time of hire.

How fast are these classic cars?

Jersey's speed limit is 40mph, with many zones being less - please do not exceed the speed limits. We ask that you respect the age of the car and drive considerately. Please remember that you are on holiday, not in a race!